times when we can worship, pray, learn and encourage one another in our faith



We are a church, but not church as you might understand it.
We do not see ourselves as religious we see our selves as being relational.

We live in relationship with God and with each other, therefore we see ourselves as a family rather than as an institution. We are a group of people who aim to live life in all of its fullness, understanding that the teaching of Jesus Christ brings that fullness. We are people on a journey, we are not perfect, so we would ask you not to judge us before you get to know us and we promise not to judge you. Values Kahaila is a place where all people belong regardless of what they believe. Kahaila is a community which means we want to put others before ourselves. We believe in every member ministry, therefore we understand that God has a purpose for each one of us, so we are here to help each other to fulfil that purpose. We seek to live by faith – we do not want to be limited by our circumstances or paralysed by our fear. We believe in generous giving – we want to be generous with all things, our finances, our time and our resources. We are people who earnestly desire to emulate the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. We are about relationship not religion, about fullness of life not legislation. We are committed to live life under the guidance of the holy spirit. We do not have all of the answers, so we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to transform us into the likeness of Jesus. We believe that the bible is the most life transforming book of all time, in it we believe the true character of God is revealed. Our desire is to discover more of who God is through scripture and let that transform the way we live.